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Postby Ninjapest » Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:37 pm

So, been a while since we posted on front page, so sit tight!

This is an awesome fight, really well tuned, and well what can I say, big gratz, alot of wipes went into this and the kill was wholy justified, i think we're still in credit with Knoh for some kills so look at for more inc, especially with such an easy boss ahead, if only we had more time tonight (was already down to 46%), alas next time!


loot was:
[item]46968[/item] for Hiperion
[item]46991[/item] for Tanazee
[item]46973[/item] for Masith
[item]Trophy of the Crusade[/item] for Freddo

in other news...

last week we finally got Vokodlok his [item]Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings[/item] after a good YS+3


we also did IC HM in 25 2 weeks ago, probably the most annoying fight we've done in a long time.


HM loot was:

[item]Belt of Colossal Rage[/item] to Ninjapest

we've also done all the easymode kills in 10 and 25 in Crusader's Cloesioum, and are 4 deep on 10 man HM CC, with us being very close to getting Anub'arak down (8% irc), anyways that's for another post!

Inc soon more 25man HM CC!
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