Overview of Guild Rules

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Overview of Guild Rules

Postby Masith » Sun Jun 05, 2011 1:33 pm


    As a guild our reputation is very important to us.

    • We expect all members to behave respectably when they wear our guild tag, no matter what character they are on.
    • We expect our members to treat all other players in the WoW community with respect, if someone is completely obnoxious you have an ignore function to deal with it.


    Members are allowed as many active alts in the guild as they want.


    We are first and foremost a raiding guild aiming for progression; we do not take social apps unless they are close friends to a member in the guild.


    Required raiding addons are:

    • EPGP and EPGP lootmaster (For loot distribution and tracking)
    • WeakAuras

    You are required to have an up to date version of DBM, DXE, or Bigwigs installed.

Professions, Consumables and Gear

    We are a progression focused guild so we expect all of our players to aim to get the most out of their characters at all times whilst raiding this means:

    • All raiders are expected to use optimal consumables during raids.
    • All raiders are expected to be properly gemmed and enchanted to optimise performance.


    As we only raid 2 days a week players are expected to maintain 95% attendance. If a player is aware that they will fail attendance they must inform the officers in advance.


    We feel that loot is just a tool to help us progress, therefore we use a loot council to distribute loot. It is important to note that the loot council isn't supposed to be fair it is supposed to distribute gear to best improve the guild progression. Your pride should come from the progression the guild as a whole has achieved not the gear you are wearing.


On behalf of the management team.
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