Havoc Demon Hunter Application

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Havoc Demon Hunter Application

Postby prescient » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:30 pm

Personal information

Age: 25
Country: United Kingdom
Languages: English
Any other information: nothing as of yet.

General character information:

Name: presciént
Class: Demon Hunter
Raid Role: DD
Battle tag: kao0o#2346

Give justification for your talent choices:
Although there are RNG aspects of Demon Hunter, the typical Single Target build heavily relies on the use of Felblade to generate fury paired with Demon Blades. Ontop of having the Demonic build which can be ran in mutliple fights within Tomb as well as Mythic+ Dungeons, there was one that relies on the mobility of the Demon Hunter which uses 'Fel Mastery' (1), 'Prepared' (2) - (1) increases the damage of Fel Rush by a % and gains Fury and (2) reduces the cooldown of the spell Vengeful Retreat and generates Fury; which enabled the player without any Metamorphosis reduction relics to achieve a 2 minute Meta which would then pair up with the main damage cooldowns of the spec for single target, for a long time pre 7.3, the top DPS on Mythic Goroth was using this specific build, but since crucible hit - alot of players went back to the standard RNG generation, chaos strike spend talent setup. Running 'Master of the Glaive' gives us an extra Throw Glaive which has the ability to proc 'Felblade' resulting in more fury! On the same talent line, the talent 'Unleashed Fury' reduces the cost of the stun so on fights like Host, Mistress it will cancel alot of unnecessary on players or especially Mistress, the casting adds on the tanks. The main other 2 damage cooldowns are 'Nemesis' which is a flat 25% damage increase on that specific target for 1minute and the other is 'Chaos Blades' which increases all damage done by 30% for 18 seconds, this amplifies the auto attack damage (demon blades) by 150% which if I was to run the legendary back, 'Chaos Theory' has a 10% chance to proc 'Chaos Blades' for 6 seconds. This is typically the *standard* single target setup for a lot of the bosses within the raids.

Give justification for your gemming and secondary stat choices.
This mainly comes down to actively using SimCraft as well as ensuring I meet the break points for haste.. this gives a more fluent and I guess, less rng to the generation of our resource. Crit is priority, so much so I've regemmed my Legendary ring to 200 crit as critting the target refunds 20 fury. Although the stat weights of Demon Hunter has changed throughout the tiers, mastery still gives our class damage behind our spells but it's normally a crit vers priority to refund and gain flat damage with haste being decent for lowering gcd's as well as attackspeed for the 'Demon Blades' talent.

Provide a Link to your armory:

Provide a screenshot of your UI in a raid environment:
https://imgur.com/a/HH2aW - the NH screenshot is more recent as I have switched to a weakaura ui for timers which hides the BigWigs bars as it allows me to have a cleaner fight while keeping focus on timers and the first screenshot is ui layout while in a raid.

Do you have a viable offspec which you could play on progression?
Having all legendaries for both specs, I have a geared tank offspec as well as defensive trinkets for different situations. I have had experience and many attempts tanking mythic Maiden as well as clearing the first 6. The only thing lacking is the traits on my offspec as I went back to focusing my mainspec (tank is 56trait with a 961 ilvl weapon).

Guild Background:

Please give an overview of your guild history:
<Law> 7/9m ToS, 7/10m NH.

What is the reason for leaving your current/last guild?
Large amount of roster issues meant that after our first mythic Maiden kill, we had some reliable, decent players leave in core roles (1x tank, 2x healers) which left us to try and recruit on short notice which then meant we were having to reprogress the fight(s). This then meant that people were just turning up to raids because it was raid day, slacking in performance so it wasn't an enjoyable atmosphere to be in as well as people just not caring.

Raiding Background:

What is your raiding experience (in 10, 20, 25 or 40 man raids, before each instance was outdated by a tier / expansion):
I started properly, playing WoW in Legion. My first mythic experience was with a guild called <Wild Blades> in which I was asked if I could help dps their first Dragons of Nightmare kill. Since then, I joined and rebuilt the guild <Law> on Kazzak Horde before Nighthold in which we got 7/10m before Tomb was released (put a halt on progression raids so people weren't getting burnt out..) and then achieved 7/9m in Tomb but again due to the roster issues that left us with having to call raids and unfortunately not able to rekill Maiden.

What is the most challenging boss fight you have faced, and why?
I feel it was Mistress in ToS - people just had to be on the ball, while progressing we faced some aspects of RnG in the placement of some mechanics, as a lot of guilds did also I can only assume. People were just getting hit by unnecessary damage, getting stunned while soaking.. alot of misplays which on the whole just wasted a lot of time and resources. As our guild didn't use the Burden drop tactic to drop the fishes due to our tank setup, through progression I was offspec tanking as our main one was away for 5-6 weeks, in that time I tanked our first host kill and the following kills before I was able to DPS the kill, I had multiple attempts on Mistress and so my logs display clears for both specs. It's an enjoyable fight if people just use thier eyes..

Please provide logs of you playing the character you wish to apply on either from current progression or from a pug:
As I've stated above, my WarcraftLogs show multiple clears as tank and DPS, as DPS is my primary role but I am capable of doing both.

Additional Information:

Why do you want to join Avalerion?
I was somewhat shocked at how I hadn't heard of you guys in the first place.. for a 2 day raiding guild you achieve more in less time than alot of 3day raiding guilds do which shows the caliber and quality of your roster.

Why do you think you can be a valuable addition to Avalerion?
I feel I am a quick learner, in my opinion none of the fights throughout Tomb have been hard to grasp mechanically, yet a lot of players seem to have issues on understanding what to do or how to deal with it. I feel my performance through the raids I have attended has always been close to the top of our guild consistently but almost being punished by people being lazy.

Do you have any significant alts? If so, what class and level?
I currently have a 110, Subtlety Rogue, 934 equipped at 72 traits.
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Re: Havoc Demon Hunter Application

Postby Ozinaq » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:09 am

Hi Prescient,

Thanks for your application to Avalerion, I am pleased to inform you that your application has been successful! Please contact an officer in-game for an invite or further questions.


On behalf of the Avalerion management team
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